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When Anger Makes Love Go Away: Workshop: Email

Are you stuck in patterns that hurt?
Would you like to feel O.K. even when you are angry?


  • Recognize your patterns of hurt and anger so you can develop solutions as problems arise.
  • Use the power of anger to enhance connections, feel excited and create vitality in your communications.
  • Stop your inner negative thoughts so that your nurturing voices prevail
  • Find new ways to express your needs so that you can thrive in satisfying harmonious relationships.


"This is one of the best workshops for constructively dealing with and understanding anger. Highly recommend."

" Useful and Enlightening. Time and money well spent."

" This seminar will give you the tools to deal with life situations in a realistic and 'doable' manner ."

" This workshop has helped me break unsatisfying patterns that I couldn't break on my own. Attending the workshop is going to have a profoundly positive effect on how I conduct my life."

"This workshop provides a good structure for identifying, working out and communicating anger ( and its underlying emotional stimulus). Practical steps."

"I got to deeper levels in terms of understanding the emotions/patterns behind the anger. Simplifies, clarifies what is going on. Clears the fog. Provides workable strategies."

"A good workshop for breaking up your own internal log jam regarding anger and to share/realize that you're not alone in your experiences with anger."

Gloria Fraser
(415) 397-6232

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