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  • I view psychotherapy as a respectful partnership.
  • My style is "active" rather than "silent", as I believe people can evaluate and choose the ideas that are useful for themselves.
  • Knowledge and experience with a wide range of approaches enables me to be flexible in tailoring my approach to fit the needs of each particular person.
  • The therapy relationship provides a safe laboratory for experimenting with new ways of relating.
  • Emotions must be an integral part of therapeutic learning.
  • While therapy should not be rushed, focus on the problems the person presents should result in resolving issues in a timely way.
  • Relationship Coaching:
    My special interest and expertise is in working with people on achieving more satisfying relationships. Through identifying patterns of handling conflict and developing strategies for change, any relationship can improve: at work, with a spouse, with family members, as well as difficulties in establishing a close, intimate relationship. Individuals, couples and/or families can do this relationship work.

    When unsure whether psychotherapy is indicated, or whether working with me in particular will be a good fit, consultation can be helpful. Issues that led you to seek therapy can be clarified and steps needed for change can be explored. Questions such as whether to seek individual or couple counseling can be addressed.

    Brief Therapy:
    When facing a life crisis, or when concerned about starting a "forever" therapy, brief therapy provides a positive alternative. "Brief" can mean a time limited contract, such as 6 or 12 sessions, and/ or a therapy that focuses on a particular problem area to achieve quick resolution of the presenting issues. Types of problems that lend to this approach might be loss such as divorce, separation, death; post-traumatic stress after experiences like rape, theft, auto accident; life changing experiences such as illness, loss of job, moving; important decisions such as ending a relationship or abortion; and sexual difficulties.

    Exploratory Psychotherapy:
    When struggling with ongoing discomfort such as with depression, anxiety, a general feeling of dissatisfaction, we explore the underlying issues that are interfering with a sense of pleasure and vibrancy in your life. Together, we actively work on solving problems so you can enjoy yourself on your own as soon as possible.

    Gloria Fraser
    (415) 302-9577

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