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Coming soon: E-Workshop

When Anger Makes Love Go Away: Workshop:

Since putting my Web site on line, there have been many requests from people in other parts of the country for a way to take my workshop. So, I am creating an on-line workshop, modeled after the workshop I have developed over a period of 15 years (please see the workshop page for more information).

The on-line workshop will have three parts:

  1. New ways of looking at Anger and Intimacy
  2. New ways to identify and process your feelings: a step by step method for addressing anger when it comes up and using each incident as a stepping stone in shifting your patterns
  3. New ways to communicate your needs and feelings to others, including identifying and interrupting patterns that don't work, structured methods for listening and handling conflict

Please check back soon for more details, or contact me for more information.

For continuing education credit for social workers and psychologists, my anger/intimacy workshop will be available online at


Gloria Fraser
(415) 397-6232

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