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Consultation via E-Mail

Since putting this Web site online, I have gotten numerous requests from around the world via e-mail for help with relationship problems. I have been a psychotherapist for more than 25 years, and these e-mails have given me the opportunity to develop my expertise in offering assistance through this new medium.

The feedback has been quite positive. People find my comments helpful, providing new understanding and good direction for tackling the problems which trouble them. My comments are direct, honest and share the most useful insights that I have, which I hope will stimulate my correspondents to thought and reflection. Should you ask for my help over e-mail, my focus will be on how you might take some responsibility/action to solve the problems you bring to me rather than feel stuck and helpless.

What should this kind of counseling be called? e-therapy? I believe these contacts can be therapeutic, but are not the same as therapy. How about e-advice? My concern is that advice implies an instruction about what a person should do. A therapist as an outsider with a great deal of experience can offer new perspectives.

But a therapist can never ultimately decide what is best for you since you are the expert on your own life. You must evaluate my ideas and then choose whether to use, modify or discard my suggestions. With that caveat in mind, I am terming this service "e-advice" in quotes as a shorthand for consultation via e-mail.

If you want to engage in an e-mail exchange with me, there will be a charge of $50 for reading and responding to an e-mail. You can pay by check which should be mailed to my Marin office: 307 Highland Avenue, San Rafael, CA 94901, or by credit card by leaving your credit card number and expiration date on my voice mail: 415-397-6232. With all the scares about credit cards used on Web sites being stolen, I am willing to take your credit card number by e-mail, but I believe voice mail would be safer. Then, send me your best description of the problem as you see it, and the kind of help you would like from me. I will get back to you within a few days.


Gloria Fraser
(415) 397-6232


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