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  • Private Practice in San Francisco since 1973
  • Trained as a psychotherapist with a B.A. in psychology and a M.S.W. from Smith College
  • Studied family therapy for four years at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine's Family Studies Section
  • Faculty at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Mt. Zion Hospital and California Graduate School for Professional Psychology (Family Therapy Intensive)
  • Fellow of the Academy of Family Mediators
  • Past-President: Association of Family Therapists of Northern California
  • Developed and ran family therapy programs at Mt. Zion Hospital ( in-patient psychiatry), Buckelew House (residential treatment center for young adults), and parents' program for Kid's Turn (for separating and divorcing families).
  • Couple's Communication and Separation and Divorce Groups created and run at Kaiser Permanente.
  • Lectures and Workshops on "Dealing with Difficult People Problems", "Transforming Relationships", and "When Anger Pushes Love Away".
  • Book in process: Small Changes Can Create Satisfying Relationships

Gloria Fraser has been applying her knowledge of systems thinking in many arenas for more than 25 years. While her list of skills may seem broad, they center around an innovative and disciplined application of her underlying systems perspective- whether approaching, individuals, families, organizations, business or personal relationships, or dispute resolution. In teaching mental health professionals, or lay and business groups, Mrs. Fraser identifies patterns of interactions, which she terms a chain. By shifting perspective to a process of action and reaction, and teaching that skill to others, she empowers people to create change in relationships, ANY relationship. Her training includes psychoanalytic, systems , cognitive and behavioral approaches: M.S.W. from Smith, (family therapy training:) Family Studies Section, Albert Einstein, Milan Group, Italy, (organizational analysis:) Grex, Tavistock, (mediation) Family Mediation Association. Her job experience as therapist and teacher includes a wide range of businesses, psychiatric settings and private practice- as therapist, mediator, teacher, program developer, administrator, consultant. A frequent lecturer to lay, business and professional groups, she speaks and writes articles under the general title of "Dealing with Difficult People Problems" and has appeared as a guest expert on television and radio. Appearances include CBS' Can This Marriage be Saved helping a couple with a commitment problem, CNN's Sonya Live in L.A. on the topic of family mediation, and KRON's Hitting Stride on couples communication, and twice on NPR's Family Talk, discussing anger and intimacy.

Gloria Fraser
(415) 397-6232

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